Frequently Asked Questions

UAV? UAS? Are they not both just Drones?

Where UAV is specifically the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle itself, UAS is the entire system including the vehicle and payloads (ie: cameras, controllers, ground station, etc.) used to achieve the project goal.

But what about the Drone?

Although the word “drone” is being used as a generic term, a drone is technically a military vehicle, which is controlled by a remote pilot and generally has a payload of weaponry.  We do not use drones at Skyeye but for the sake of argument, we refer to UAV’s as “drones”.

What is the purpose of a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)?

Transport Canada regulations require that all commercial operators obtain an SFOC.  Regulations and guidelines specify restrictions on how close to buildings, objects, & people a UAV may operate as well as the requirement to document location, weather, and any potential constraints the operator needs to consider.  When hiring a UAV operator it is very important that you insist on seeing their insurance documentation and approved SFOC permit covering your project location.

You may expose yourself to significant risk of penalty when hiring an uncertified operator to do commercial work.  A certified SFOC operator is required to prepare and present legal documents prior to commencement of any flight activities. Many companies are offering discounted services without proper insurance and/or having the appropriate permits in place.  Commercially operating a UAV without the required insurance and permit is illegal and the operator can face major fines.

What training did Skyeye staff receive to operate these UAS’s?

Safety comes first when operating all our UAS’s.  All Skyeye operators have been trained by Transport Canada certified trainers and follow strict guidelines for safe UAS’s operations .  Training included:

Aviation Navigation


Air law and regulations

Radio Communications

Weather and UAS 101

Aviation charts and flight supplements.

Staff also received field training that included radio communication, safety checks, record keeping and automated flight programming.

Are we ever looking to hire help?

We are always networking, and looking for other talented minds who would like to collaborate on various projects.  If you are into this new emerging and ever evolving technology such as the following (but not limited to), we would Love to talk more:

-360 degree live video feed

-Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift or other Technology

-Augmented Reality

Please use our contact page and send us a Hello! It’s amazing what you can accomplish by collaborating with like minds all around the world. We live in a time where a virtual team can be brought together from and around the world collaborate in some very inspiring work.

Looking forward to discussing our futures together!